Braided pipes are one of the most widely utilised types of pipes in the market. The reinforcement weaved over the pipe tube is the distinguishing characteristic that offers the braided pipe its versatility and multipurpose industrial and domestic application in manufacturing, utility systems, and homes. Primarily, they are used to transfer liquid, air and other gases under high and low pressure. Steel braided hose pipes are particularly sought after in manufacturing industries, as part of hydraulic systems or to safely transfer material through a production process. They also make an integral part of air hoses in several cleaning equipments that clean machinery.

Depending on the size and intended use of the pipe, a single segment or numerous sections of yard cord or wire are woven across the body of the tube. The angle to reinforce the pipe may differ from one product to another. While in some cases, the cording will run parallel to the body, in others the designs are angled, creating a crisscross pattern. The presence of this wire or cording improves the structural integrity and provides the pipe with added strength. Like the Durolon PVC braided pipes from Raksha Pipes, a leading PVC pipe company, that meet all safety standards and are available for various uses.

Among the various industry pipes, braided pipes are one of the most efficient, reliable and secure devices to transport liquids and gases. Further, rock drilling pipes are used in marble, granite mining & tractor mounted compressors. Car wash pipes can be used in service stations and are oil resistant & abrasion resistant. Welding pipes are ideal for oxy-acetylene welding purposes & cutting equipment in all types of industrial workshops, shipbuilding, service stations etc. PVC garden/water pipes are suitable for all water delivery purposes like gardening, construction & irrigation. The reason for their numerous applications can be justified by the 6 key benefits of braided pipes in industries listed below:

1. Flexible

A notable benefit of wire braided pipe is the uncompromised flexibility, as compared to traditional non-braided rubber pipes. Owing to this property it can manoeuvre through restrictive spaces with a reduced risk of kinks, bursts, cracks and blockages in the pipeline. This makes it an effective choice for most industrial requirements involving conduiting.

2. Durable

Braided pipes have a longer life span and require little maintenance as compared to the non-braided PVC and rubber alternatives that are less durable. The double reinforcement in the form of meticulously selected yarn, entwined and fused between the inner & outer layers, Raksha PVC braided pipes can endure more wear and tear-related damages without giving way. This means that braided pipes can last for several years with minimum care and maintenance.

3. Strength

Braided pipes apart from being flexible and durable are stronger and more resilient. The yarn or cords that are braided or fused in the outer and/or inner layers reinforces the pipes and strengthens them and makes them less prone to damages like breaking, bursting, bending and the like. Also, the yarn or cord weaved into the pipes creates a smoother inner and outer texture and prevents particles from collecting at the base of the pipes which can lead to contamination and compromise the structural integrity.

4. Resilient

Braided pipes are superiorly resilient. Apart from functioning under high pressure, they can withstand extremely high and low temperatures, especially if they are made of stainless steel. They do not expand and contract easily making them resistant to damage. This reduced the risk of material loss, extra costs and the hassle of frequent replacements. However, they must be used within the recommended range to avoid any malfunction. They are also resistant to chemical corrosion owing to their compatibility with a range of chemicals and effectively transport different types of gases (such as air, steam, and natural gas) and liquids (water, oils, and, chemicals and solutions). This simply means less replacement of parts and no fluid, gas, or liquid loss. The entire length of the pipe is integrated with braided yarn and chords that provide extra layers of protection and strength making it more resistant to abrasions.

5. No Permeation and full vacuum

Unlike PVC and rubber pipes, braided pipes do not allow any permeation from the inside out or vice versa. There are no chances of the material being transported getting exposed to external particles, and the toxic or expensive material from the pipe going out. This makes it a secure conduit by eliminating the chances of leaks and convolutions. While other rubber and normal PVC pipes might collapse under high pressure, these pipes are one of the best options when it comes to high-pressure applications that need a full vacuum. These hoses are a great solution for full vacuum and high-pressure applications while other alternatives may collapse under the same circumstances.

6. Transparent and Versatile

One of the most useful features of braided pipes is its transparency which enables ease of visual access to observe its internal functioning. With most industrial applications, monitoring and regular checks are essential. The industrial thread and yarn used to reinforce the braided pipes offer all the benefits that make it flexible, resilient, and versatile without hindering visual monitoring. Owing to this, braided pipes can be used for a multitude of functions and are compatible with various machinery.

Raksha pipes, one of the leading PVC pipe distributors, produce a wide range of superior-grade PVC braided pipes, which meet international standards. The design offers great strength and better resistance making high-pressure tensile capacity its unique feature. The Durolon Power Spray pipes are recommended for a variety of functions, such as agricultural pesticides, insecticides, weeding, fungicides etc. It is also used for transporting and transferring high-pressure fluids in industries. The transparent Duralon Air/ Pneumatic pipes have applications across various industries and are ideal for compressed air application & conveying chemicals and gases.

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