Large or small businesses and farms require efficient and effective water pipe fittings. Choosing the right pipes and fittings is crucial as they determine the amount of energy, time and money that will be invested into these products. Since water is a crucial part of the entire process, it is important that we select the best quality water pipe fittings to ensure long lasting use from them.

Here, we’ll be taking a look at 6 Tips to choose the right quality of agricultural pipes & fittings

1. Getting the right pipes

Understanding your need comes right before purchasing your pipes and fittings. Each type of pipe is specifically designed for a specific use and can be used for a long time if it is used the right way. HDPE Pipes are used for more flexible water transport along with low thermal conductivity and high electric resistance. These pipes have multiple uses in comparison to uPVC pipes that are ideal for submersible pumps, water distribution, etc. Suction pipes are PVC spiral pipes that can have multiple uses and are used significantly in agricultural and industrial verticals. Raksha Pipes offers various agriculture water pipes that are made for a wide range of uses. Products include uPVC Column pipes for submersible pumps, HDPE Pipes, as well as the best Casing Pipes for borewell.

2. Purchase products with BIS

Products with BIS Mark from the government assures good quality and safety. This certification is highly important to ensure safety and avoid harmful materials that are used in manufacturing these pipes. These compliances are put forward by the government to ensure that consumers get the right kind of products as well as manufacturers only use quality methods to manufacture products. Pipes with BIS hallmark are trusted and used widely across all industries. Raksha Pipes only uses the highest quality materials to manufacture agriculture pipes and are all BIS certified. This ensures consumers that these pipes are made with the highest standards and considered safe to use in various applications. These pipes are also recognised by other foreign safety and quality regulatory departments.

3. Purchase the same brand

Never mix and match brands in terms of pipes and fittings. Consistency ensures that quality is maintained throughout as well as avoids malfunctions from either of the products. The best way to ensure long lasting leak-proof pipes and fittings is if they are all manufactured by the same brand. This ensures that each of the parts used are compatible with each other as well as work more effectively in its use. The best fit and finish can be expected when these pipes and fittings are procured from the same manufacturer. Technological and other factors differ significantly from each brand and is often best to keep a uniformed brand throughout. Raksha Pipes has the best range of agriculture water pipes and fittings so that there is always a part compatible for your agricultural water needs. Due to easy accessibility, these pipes and fittings can be used uniformly across without having to compromise on a well-functioning system.

4. Pipes with superior quality

Quality is ensured in terms of various various certifications, application as well as materials used to manufacture. These materials not only determine the strength, resilience or use but also reflects on fungal or bacterial growth, food grade quality as well as smooth surfaces from the inside. Food grade quality is very important for agriculture water pipes as they carry consumable water and chemicals mixed in them over time might harm both nature and humans alike. Another feature of good quality is less chances of fungal or bacterial growth within the pipes. These fungal or bacterial growth can invite unwanted pests, insets and might lead to diseases.Lastly, smoother surfaces also ensure that water flows smoothly through the pipe ensuring higher discharge and lower resource costs such as electricity and time. Raksha Pipes are made with some of the best materials in the market that ensure each of our pipes and fittings are made with superior food-grade materials. Food grade materials ensure that chemicals or other materials are not mixed with the water. Smoother surfaces inside also ensure 20% extra water discharge and lesser chances of fungal or bacterial growth.

5. Choose low maintenance pipes

Some of the best PVC Pipes for agriculture are best at not having maintenance costs. This includes leaks and cracks, fungal and bacterial growth, deterioration of surfaces after a few years or even breaking due to pressure. Leaks and cracks occur when weather conditions of an area are extreme. Extreme sunlight might decrease the quality of several pipes and fittings as well as cause cracks around the surface. Leaks could be bad for water discharge quality as well as increase electricity costs and time taken. Fungal and bacterial growth could cause infections, diseases as well as cause breeding of insects that are bad for your business and family. Raksha Pipes instead offer pipes that are maintenance free for a long time even and especially in extreme weather conditions. Due to rigorous quality testing and research, Raksha pipes offers the best agricultural water pipes so that your time and energy is invested on your farm or business.

6. Chemical-free

Chemical free pipes and fittings makes sure that your water does not get mixed with any of the harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing of these products. Agricultural Pipes for water need to undergo severe research and development to ensure that these materials do not mix with the water overtime and cause harmful implications in the future. This also make sure that these chemicals do not slowly deteriorate into the soil causing further degradation.

Raksha Pipes is one of India’s leading pipe manufacturing companies and offers some of the best pipes for agriculture that last longer and provide long term water flow quality. These quality pipes and fittings help farmers in sourcing water, saving electricity and resources as well as prevent harmful chemicals from their crops. Due to stringent quality tests and research, Raksha Pipes are considered to be the best PVC pipes for agriculture.

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