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RAKSHA uPVC Column pipes are specifically crafted for submersible pump applications. These pipes combine advanced technology with top-notch quality to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance. They serve as an excellent alternative to galvanised steel pipes commonly used for groundwater harvesting. Each pipe undergoes stringent quality checks at every stage of production to maintain consistency and meet industrial, national, and international standards. Quality is the hallmark of Raksha uPVC Column pipes. Manufactured by Shand Group, these pipes are meticulously designed for bore well submersible pumps and are highly favoured for their superior performance in various applications.
Sizes available from : 33 mm to 165 mm
Long Life , Non-Corrosive
Easy to Install
Low Power Consumption
More Water Discharge
Specially Designed Adaptors
Negligible Friction Loss.
Maintenance Free Square Threading Systems.
Hi-tech Technology – Cost Saving


It gives 20% more water discharge & saves electricity when compared to others. It has been tested & validated by indian institute of science & Bangalore university
World class MRO technology
Unique freezing lock.
Turbulance free leak proof ring made of EPDM.
Patented in USA, Africa & China, Europe.
Pipes are made with World Class M.R.O. Technology.
More water discharge with less power consumption when compared to other pipes. Tested & Approved by Indian Institute of Science & Bangalore University.
Unique "Freezing Lock System" (Metal Free) for stronger and better joints.
Especially designed "Turbulence free leak proof profile ring" which enhances thrust bearing, Tork pressure to improve the life in motor.
Turbulence free leak proof ring is made out of EPDM material to reduce friction & make it leak proof.
For better strength, the thickness of pipe is based on thick & thin technology.
The Square Threads within the coupler and pipe enables the column to withstand higher loads without the risk of slippage.
Screening / Printing of Discharge, Head load & Kg / Pressure on the pipes makes it easy to match ideal pump set.
Available in wide range of V4-12.5, V4-15, Medium, Medium Gold, Standard, Standard Gold, Heavy & Super Heavy depending on depth of bore and pump pressure.

Installation Process