ball valves


RAKSHA Ball valve is a high quality, economical quarter-turn shut off valve designed for water distribution in residential, commercial building, lawn sprinklers, gardens, spas, and other wide range of applications. RAKSHA Ball valves provide exceptional chemical and corrosion resistance against rusting, scaling and pitting. The use of standard O-Ring seals and PTFE seats enables bubble tight shut off.
Sizes available : 15mm to 50mm
TEFLON BALL SEATS PTFE floating seat design offers smooth operation and reduces wear & tear.
O-RING SEALS High Grade, abrasion resistant elastomer O-rings.
HIGH IMPACT HANDLE Double stop engagement with excellent resistance to most environments.
LEAK PROOF Pressfit lock assembly with O-rings ensures proper fitment without a gap between the ball & the stem. The Teflon seats provide on both sides of the ball also helps in preventing leakages.
EASY INSTALLATION No special tools required for installation.
Life Span Long life span, light in weight & assembles quickly.
Non-Toxic Safe for sensitive application as it is processed from non-toxic lead free compound
Installation Easily installed with solvent cement. Can be installed in vertical or horizontal piping system.
TESTING Ball valves are hydrostatically tested.
THRUST Stem guides prevent side thrust.
CORROSION No metal part inside for corrosion to occur.
FLOW RATE Specially designed full bore which gives optimum flow rate.
STANDARD Meets standards of PVC ball valves ASTM-D-2466 SCH-40 and CPVC ball valves ASTM-D-2846 SDR-11.