upvc pipes fittings


RAKSHA uPVC ASTM-D Pipes & Fittings are specifically engineered for cold water applications, offering a range of benefits including low thermal conductivity, fire resistance, and corrosion-free properties. They are robust, durable, long-lasting, and cost-effective compared to alternative materials. These pipes resist environmental weathering, shocks, and abrasions, ensuring reliability in various conditions. Moreover, being lead-free, they are ideal for transporting food and consumable liquids.
Sizes available : 15mm to 100mm

Application for uPVC ASTM-D Pipes

Lead free - Non Toxic
UV Stabilized - Weather protective
Leaf proof joints
EPDM Ring in all brass fittings
Manufactured from high quality PVC compound
Fire resistance & self extinguishing
Swimming pools. Delivers clean potable water.

uPVC ASTM-D Pipes Features

Pipes & fittings for hand-pumps.
Saline water transportation.
Industrial applications.
Appropriate for sugar & paper industries.
Piping system for chemicals ( for specified chemicals & cold temp ).
Rugged, tough yet light in weight
Easy to handle and install.
Manufactured from high quality PVC compound.
Low pipe expansions when compared to other materials.
Entirely non-toxic and free from lead or heavy metal.
Suitable for potable water applications and free from bad odor and taste.
Fire resistance and self extinguishing.
Even surface ensure extremely low friction loss and scaling.
Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance to mostly all acidic and alkaline solutions.
Easy cold welding process faster installation.

Joining Process