Drainage Pipes Fittings


Raksha Underground drainage application are designed and manufactured with the best in technology and high graded raw materials for superior performance adhering to international quality and specifications. Raksha Underground drainage system are used for carry soil, rainwater, domestic/industrial waste to roadside drains connecting to water treatment plants or point of discharge. Raksha Underground drainage system is 100 % watertight, free from ingress and seepage of water which ensures hygiene and safe environment. Raksha’s renowned green seal called Ring holds itself permanently in the groove and doesn’t fall out ensuring leak proof joints and help compansate for the thermal expansion and contraction of plastics.
Sizes available : 110mm to 160mm
Light weight and strong
Dampening of vibrations and noise level.
High impact strength
Wide temperature range
Thermal insulation
Specially designed for underground non-pressure applications
Hygienic and leak proof
Smooth inner bore for better flow rate of water
Excellent stiffness and impact resistance