Raksha Agricultural Product

Column Pipes

Column/Riser Pipe

RAKSHA uPVC Column pipes are professionally designed for submersible pump applications. These pipes blends the perfect combination of technology and quality
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hdpe pipes


RAKSHA HDPE Pipes is a quality product. Low resistance to corrosion, non-toxic and inert to chemicals, low thermal conductivity and high electric resistance.
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casing pipes


RAKSHA uPVC Casing pipes are an ideal choice for borewell applications to pump out clean water from borewells. These pipes are manufactured as per BIS standard.
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pressure pipes


RAKSHA uPVC Pressure pipes and fittings are manufactured in accordance in BIS standard of IS 4985 covering complete range from 20mm to 250 mm. they are available
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suction pipe


Diamond Duroflex PVC Pipes reinforced suction pipes are a challenge to the best of products in the industry. It has a rigid PVC spiral reinforcement between soft walls
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Raksha Plumbing Product

cpvc pipes fittings

CPVC Pipes & Fittings

RAKSHA CPVC Pipes & fittings are used for potable water transportation, these pipes are manufactured using copper tube sizes(CTS) making a easy to replace Copper / Iron pipes.
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upvc pipes fittings

uPVC Pipes & Fittings

RAKSHA uPVC ASTM-D Pipes & Fittings are an innovatively designed piping system for Cold Water application only. It has an array of advantages which promise low thermal conductivity,
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swr pipes fittings

SWR Pipes & Fittings

RAKSHA SWR Pipes & Fittings are light in weight, therefore are easy in handling and installation. The pipes are of high quality and can withstand any drastic climate conditions.
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drainage pipes

UnderGround Pipes & Fittings

Raksha Underground drainage application are designed and manufactured with the best in technology and high graded raw materials for superior performance
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ball valves

Ball Valves

RAKSHA Ball valve is a high quality, economical quarter-turn shut off valve designed for water distribution in residential, commercial building, lawn sprinklers, gardens, spas
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Raksha Industrial Product

braided pipe

PVC Braided Pipes

Durolon PVC Braided Pipes are produced to use instead of products using meticulously selected yarn, braided & fused between the inner & outer layers thus offering better
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duct pipes

PVC Duct Pipes

Diamond Duroflex PVC Duct pipes a rigid PVC spiral reinforcement fused to the soft walls which makes it very flexible, lightweight & easy to use and install. It has smooth
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steelwire pipes

Steelwire Duct Pipe

DUROFLEX offers a wide range of Insulated steel wire reinforced flexi tube vinyl pipes & conduit of international standard. These pipes have good mechanical strength.
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Raksha Sanitary Product

ptmt taps


With the constant evolving market and innovation RAKSHA has entered into the sanitary sector with whole range of Taps,
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Flushing Cistern

Flushing Cistern

Raksha's cisterns are elegant in design are the result of a manufacturing process that places them at the very forefront
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Bathrooms are surely a place of seclusion and sometimes, all you need is a paceful shower
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bathroom fittings

Bathroom Accessories

With the constant evolving market and innovation RAKSHA has entered into the sanitary sector with whole range of Bath Accessories
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Stainless Steel Sink

Raksha Sinks are meticulously designed keeping hygiene and durability in mind
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Raksha Water Tanks

water storage tanks

Water Tanks

Raksha Innovation in Water Tank Roto Moulding Technology Cutting-edge Roto Moulding technology keep water clean
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